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Vehicles of various models have always been popular in movies. In terms of features, the Nissan GT-R packs six airbags, 20-inch alloys, Bose audio system with 11 speakers and black, red, ivory or tan leather seats & interior, among others. Nissan introduced the GT-R in 2009, making it one of the oldest cars in this quickly changing segment.

As Nissan began to tap that desirability, special editions began to emerge, and these are some of the most special Japanese-made cars in history. A common modification is to install the two scoops in the front bumper from the Nismo model and to remove the screen from in front of the intercooler, as a feature of the Nismo cars, as is a small front spoiler on the leading edge of the hood.

The GT-R's power comes from a twin-turbocharged V6 that's connected to a six-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission and AWD. These engines are far removed from their supposed 276hp factory outputs, that figure being the one notionally adhered to by the major Japanese manufacturers as part of a gentlemen's agreement to curb spiralling horsepower figures.

You'll need to have deep pockets too - Glass's see R34s making anything from £40,000 to over £100,000 today, but if you can afford it the R34 is the most desirable GT-R to buy: "The ultimate in RB26DETT engine technology, electronic controls and 10 years of refining all went into this model," Dave Warrener emphasizes.

The Nissan GT-R is a popular sports option of the Skyline sedan which started in 1969. The release that followed in 1973, featured a 1989cc I6 S20 engine and delivered power to the rear wheels through a 5-speed manual gearbox, the same as the first generation.

To the average enthusiast, however, it might simply look like a modified Nissan GT-R with an aftermarket rear spoiler and a new set of wheels. What's more, the GT-R's paddle shift controls now sit on the steering wheel, where they're easier to reach. The dual-clutch transmission has shed its driveline clatter, shift feel and timing is better, and the GT-R's steering has lightened up at low speeds, and lost the twitch it used to have on center.

And the poster child for the whole JDM scene became the Nissan Skyline GT-R , a grown-up, turbocharged all-wheel-drive coupe that was available pretty much only in Japan—kind of like Godzilla, for which it would eventually be nicknamed. Once you've bought your R34 we recommend you leave it in a hermetically-sealed garage Nissan Skyline GT-R and never take it on track: "Only 80 official UK cars were ever imported and the R34 is expensive to repair and heavy on consumables," confirms Andy Middlehurst.

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